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About us

Side by side with businesses on the journey to reach out to the sea


Welcome to KVN Logistics

You can find us - the KVN Logistics team - at delivery locations across the country and around the world. With youth, and enthusiasm, we work together for an important goal:

To create better logistics solutions for The many people.

We are committed to continuing to develop, provide high-quality logistics services, contribute to the development of Vietnam's economy, and bring benefits to businesses.

Thank you!


KVN Logistics becomes a leading logistics unit, making an important contribution to the development and improvement of the efficiency of the domestic and international agricultural and fishery supply chain.


With our capabilities, experience, and dedication, KVN Logistics brings benefits to customers and partners through: optimal transportation solutions, quality services, and reasonable costs

Brand Philosophy

Focusing on the customer, KVN Logistics constantly innovates and challenges itself to deliver the best results to our customers.

Core Values

Dedicated, Prestigious

And Responsibility

 Global Footprint

KVN Logistics has quickly expanded its global presence, attracting top talents from all over the country, and cooperating with many major shipping lines and airlines in the logistics industry.

KVN Logistics Highlights


Operating revenue in 2023


Top 50

Domestic and international customers
Top 50 leading reputable Logistics companies in Vietnam

Brand History

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